An Invitation for Open Conversation

To The People,

Herewith we invite you to have an open conversation. The purpose of this conversation is to come to a mutual understanding in political economy, philosophical politics and economic philosophy, among other cultural-scientific topics, as a step towards building a moral economy.


What It Is

We invite you, The People, to a Google Drive folder, where you will be given free range to collaborate and create. In fact, the only rules revolve around collaboration and creative independence, as the point is to find ways of working together peacefully without arbitrary interferences. We encourage anything from full scholarly articles to videos to campaigns of direct action. Whatever you indepently decide to publish will be added to our THE PEOPLE heading at Mainstream Idea under one of the categories DISCOURSE, DEMOCRACY or DECLARATIVE ACTIONS. Naturally any number of suitable subsections can be created as need be, and with your permission we may even publish under other headings on the website.

Who We Are

The Moral Economy is an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary group of writers, researchers, artists and activists. In very real terms we wish to understand the underpinnings of our economic, political and moral world, as well as to develop practical models for applying and living those understandings, to in other words be the change we wish to see in the world. Our hope is that these models can be shared and improved upon and perpetuated, in order to educate, enlighten and emancipate human beings.

The practical foundations of the Moral Economy lie in the free exchange of ideas through open communication. The theoretical foundations of this open communication and of the Moral Economy lie in a number simple principles:

  1. Individual differences permeate the fabric and pull at every thread of human behaviour, and understanding those differences is at the same time an impossible and an imperative task.
  2. Knowledge is no longer about “being right”, about using facts to conclude more facts, but about the logical and intentional process of obtaining knowledge and applying it at the same time; metaphorically it is about the journey and not the goal.
  3. Meaning can no longer be fixed, but for every single term, action, or symbol and for every individual there is a vast network of connections of meaning that can be shared, perpetuated and changed, for instance through language.
  4. Categorical thinking must be understood in terms of its usefulness and limitations, especially with regards to defining categories around human beings and human behaviour.
  5. Dualistic dichotomies must be dissolved, to the extent that where such dichotomies exist there is usually an interaction between both sides that makes both sides important to understanding.
  6. Language, as the marriage of thought and action, transcends the two.
  7. Morality begins with an altruistic outreach to the individual through language.

While the Moral Economy will seek to sustain itself, the Mainstream Idea is non-profit, and everything published there, unless otherwise stated, is open to the public domain.

How to Apply

We encourage you to send us an email with an attached CV and a 1,000 word proposal combining one of the topics from our website under each of the following headings: POLITICAL CULTURALISM, POLPHILECON MYTHSCICULT, and MORAL ECONOMICUS. Example: “The Domino Affect”, “Cultural Science” and “Technological Democracy”. If we like what you write these proposals will be uploaded to the Google Drive folder and made available for collaboration. The CV is to show us that you are a real person and to give us an idea of your background, but we accept people of all backgrounds and encourage all people, regardless of sex, race, creed or profession, to apply. The essay proposal is to show that you’re serious about having an open conversation and coming to an understanding. Hint: we suggest writing a proposal that really integrates all three topics and going to the website under ABOUT / THE GROUP to read more in detail about our principles.

Please email us at moraleconomy (a/)(/t) mainstreamidea (d/)(/o/)(/t) com

Yours Truly,

The Moral Economy


Robert Pyotr Wolff

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