Preamble – The Moral Economy



You laugh and snicker in your hands
to conceal your blithe disdain:
“These people, they have such demands!
“High wages, freedom from pain!”
As if wages don’t make us slaves,
But excuse our daily dread.
As if the absence of pain staves
Off the debt to buy our bread.
“Your own hard work will set you free!”
You cry as you raise your swords.
We hereby reject your words.
Employment is not liberty!

Under the heel of hard labour,
We cannot define ourselves
But through their war on our neighbours
And gadgets on retail shelves.
“Hey you lazy bums and commies!
“Go kill those darkies out there!
“Hey you fags and feminazis!
“If you shop you think it’s fair!”
In their world we’re all refugees;
Too long have we warred for lords!
We reject buying their swords!
Consumption’s no equality!

A world not built for those who live
There is no just world at all,
No world for those who freely give,
But for those who put up walls.
“Do unto others as you would
Have done to you” is our creed.
This golden rule, our siblinghood,
Shan’t be torn apart by greed.
“We free owners of property
“Stand above you as your lords!”
We hereby reject your words!
Ownership will not set us free!

“Who do you think you are?” you say,
“Refugees! Clean yourselves up!
“You act as if black lives matter!
“Welfare queens! Pee in this cup!”
We the people no longer hear
These new wretched of the Earth.
Their vile anger reveals their fear:
Our defining your own worth.
“Externality, scarcity
“And violence” were the lords’ words.
So we reject their use of swords —
We bring peace through equality!

We the people come together
To form a more just union.
We brave bullets and bad weather
To end our own exclusion.
No more violence for their profit!
No more privilege over rights!
Together, for us, we build it:
A world free of undue plight.
Autonomy and liberty,
These shall not be empty words.
We hereby reject all lords.
In equality we are free!

Robert Pyotr Wolff

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