MePod.02.03 // #DontVote #BlackHistoryMatters

This week Chell presents his first bit entitled “Don’t Vote!”, and goes down the long list of reasons why you shouldn’t vote (if you are a Usonian, that is). Then Andrew pays tribute to Black History Month with his bit… Continue Reading

MePod.s02.e02 // #ThoughtCrime #Propaganda –Republished

This week Andrew and Eddy take a break from the Moral Economy’s philosophical twists on current events in order give you the rundown on thoughtcrime and propaganda. Andrew introduces George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 and compares the unsettling concepts from the novel with… Continue Reading

MePod.s02.e01 // #NewWorldSummt #NancyHollander #DilarDirik

This weekend the Moral Economy’s Firat, Nawaz and Andrew attended the New World Summit in Utrecht, Netherlands. The title of the Summit was “Stateless Democracy”, and naturally Democratic Confederalism was an overarching theme. Guest speakers from all over the world, from… Continue Reading