#DontVote (Sources)


Reason #1: It’s irrational to vote.

  • The power of any individual vote to influence the outcome of the election approaching 0.

SOURCE: Downs, Anthony. Economic Theory of Democracy. 1957.

  • More likely to die on the way to the election than influence the outcome of the election.

SOURCE: (All over the internet, but see especially) Philip Goetz @ overcomingbias.com, 2008; Mark Brandly @ Misus Institute, 2011; Jim Pagels @ Forbes, 2014.

Reason #2: Both parties are the same.

  • Both parties complicit in the corporate take-over of America.

Mitt Romney’s Obamacare example.

SOURCE: (Also all over the internet) Jessica Taylor @ NPR.org.

Reason #3: It’s impossible to be an informed voter.

  • Collusion between Whitehouse and Media excludes relevant information from political discourse.

SOURCE: Herman, Edward; Chomsky, Noam. Manufacturing Consent. 1988.

NSA example.

SOURCE: See Wikipedia on Domestic Surveillance in the US, and on ECHELON.

Reason #4: Voting as Propaganda.

  • The voting mechanism has been highjacked by the political class to legitimize otherwise non-democratic policy decisions.

“America is an oligarchy”.

SOURCE: Gilens, Martin; Page, Benjamin. “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens.” Princeton, 2014.

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