MEPOD.s02e06 // #PanamaPapers #CapitalismAndFreedom

Hosts Nawaz, Eddy and Firat join a monkey’s uncle Chell, a monkey uncle’s uncle Andrew, and one nameless guest for this week’s Moral Economy Podcast! Nawaz kicks off with a briefing on the #PanamaPapers, which have revealed the pervasive corruption of our current economic and political elite. Nawaz looks at the rhetoric of internal justification of such a systemic (ir)regularity and points out these justifications rely on the liberal promises of democracy, freedom, equality, human rights, etc. But these liberal promises remain hollow when juxtaposed with the ingrained corruption that plagues the international economic structure and only work to legitimise the tyranny of a capitalist minority. With this Eddy’s bit on #CapitalismAndFreedom follows Nawaz’s line on the systemic implications of the Panama papers. Specifically, how the Panama papers provide us various case studies about our global economic and societal logic’s restrictions of freedom and democracy. From there we get into a good and fine discussion about the antagonisms between democracy and capitalism, and how capitalism has appropriated a version of democracy that is anything but. Is democracy, how we currently understand it, compatible with freedom? Do these words even have any meaning nowadays? Will the left ever pry “democracy”, “socialism” and “freedom” from the cold, dead hands of neoliberalism? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this week’s Moral Economy Podcast!

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MePod.s02.e06 // #PanamaPapers #CapitalismAndFreedom

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