#Anarchy, #Crime and #Punishment – MePod.s02e09

The concepts of #Crime and #Punishment under #Anarchy leave us with a very serious question: How do we prevent a given community, city, society from adopting practices of domination, even if it’s through direct democratic consensus? Indoctrination? Shaming/boycotting? In other words, how do anarchists ‘enforce’ moral rules in a non-authoritarian way? This is not an easy question to answer, and maybe that’s because it starts off on the wrong foot: The traditionally negative, anti-authoritarian view of anarchism may in fact run into injustices of its own when crimes such as exploitation, rape, murder, and enslavement go unhindered and unpunished, or, alternatively, preventing and punishing such crimes severely limits others’ freedoms. This week Chell takes us down the rabbit hole of anarchist crime and punishment, and asks us whether the principles of anarchy that many of us hold close to their hearts — #SelfOrganization, #VoluntaryAssociation and #MutualAid — are enough in order to address systems of belief/values that are radically different from our own. Some say crime under anarchy will cease to exist, because there will be no more coercion. Others call for public executions of serial murderers and rapists. For most people, neither of these positions seem desirable or even likely forms of #justice. Chell presents another, positive anarchist view — anarchist positivism? — in which anarchists work together towards clear goals of prevention and enforcement, ones that not only call authority into question, but that must be continuously scrutinized in light of our ever-changing social situations. Join long-time #MoralEconomists Chell, Nawaz, Firat and Andrew, as well as our two guests Yaşa and Ekrem, as we discuss the question of #AnarchistPositivism. Addressing all of these questions will have important implications, both for anarchist theory and for our current legal, political-economic, and social institutions.

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