Headlines: #FrenchProtests // #IMF says #NoToNeoLiberalism // and much, much more – MePod.s02.e08 (22min.)

For this week’s podcast the Moral Economy did something new… and we liked it! Instead of presenting a week’s worth of research and good, hard thinking, hosts/somebodies/nobodies Eddy, Chell, Nawaz, Pujan, Firat and Andrew introduced and discussed headlines from around the world. Starting in #France with the combined #WorkersUnion and #StudentProtests, we moved on to the recent report by the #IMF iterating the #FailingsOfGlobalization and #NeoLiberalism. Then we discussed a little known (and somewhat older) headline out of Tunisia: #RashidalGhannushi and #Ennahda are moving to separate religion from politics. Finally, we discussed the current attack by #NewYorkDemocrats led by governor #AndrewCuomo on free speech by boycotting the #BDS (#BoycottDivestmentSanctions) movement against the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the maligning accusations by US and Israeli politicians that BDS is anti-Semitic.

The Moral Economy can say here and now, we unequivocally, in the strongest terms, oppose anti-Semites and antisemitism in every way, shape and form. Furthermore, we contest the light use of the term “antisemitism” by politicians and so-called leaders, to be thrown at anyone who is critical of Israeli policies or the Israeli occupation. Such usage, for political gain and to smear your critics, only serves to weaken the position of all who fight antisemitism and oppression.

Moving on, we also did something else! If you haven’t noticed, our podcast is now much shorter. To be more precise, it is exactly 22 minutes, give or take an intro or outro. This is part of an overall effort to become more accessible. Please let us know what you think! As always, please like, share, comment, be critical and respect no authority!

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