Thank You For Your Time, Rza

“What do you do with your time?” A simple question, and yet it is often asked with a tiny hint of sarcasm. As if some activities — or the lack thereof — are worth nobody’s time. But who, really, are we to judge? Maybe if we were less concerned with what others do, and more concerned with helping them find the time to do it, this world would be a better place. Who knows! Today I caught up with Rza in the library for an impromptu interview beginning with just that question. In my typical fashion, there were quite a few awkward pauses, and sometimes I did more talking than my interviewee. But all in all I think this was a good start. Friends and colleagues, Rza and I have known and worked for each other for years, and yet I was still surprised at his answers to my simple question. In the future I would like to conduct more such interviews, since the question of what we do with our time is really the question of who we are, of how we find meaning in our daily lives. Asking such questions is never a waste of time.

The idea for Thank You For Your Time is based on an article by Lawrence von Zahn aka you know who called, “Hard Earned Time Tickets: A Little Piece on Time“. Check it out! It will definitely be worth your time! //KillTimeGags


P.S. Apologies for the poor sound quality, I did this on my laptop. The Moral Economy really needs to invest in some sound equipment.


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