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#DemocraticConfederalism is an alternative economic/political/cultural system that has given┬ámany Kurds and others around the world hope, not because of what it promises, but for what it delivers. While very few people in Europe and the United States have heard of democratic confederalism, it is a system that is in place right now, and to many in the mostly Kurdish regions in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran it is the answer to overcoming hundreds of years of colonization by western and middle-eastern powers. You would think it a miracle that — in a region torn by war, violence, as well as years of economic, political and ecological strife — a functioning system can emerge all. Much less a system that has given people the ability to defend themselves, to fight back against their oppressors, to regain territory lost to IS, rebuild towns and cities, and even invite refugees to return home. And yet democratic confederalism has done just that. But what is democratic confederalism, and what else has it delivered? It is a system whose adherents, amidst a physical struggle for liberation, choose as well to fight an ideological struggle for liberation: the liberation of the environment from degradation, the liberation of communities from domination, and, foremost, the liberation of women from a patriarchal society. Women under democratic confederalism take up arms to defend their families and communities, but they also fight for their own freedom from oppression at home, and they inspire other women and men to rethink what it means to be free. For how can we call ourselves free when half of the population itself is colonized by the other half? In the last podcast of the second season of The Moral Economy, Nawaz, Eddy, Chell, Andrew and two guests come together to talk about democratic confederalism, which lies close to our hearts. Please tune in!

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#DemocraticConfederalism // MePod.s02e10


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