Cora Roelofs at the #ChalleningCapitalistModernityIII Conference – Exclusive Propaganda

In this Exclusive Propaganda, Chell talks with Cora Roelofs about food activism. They met up at the Overcoming Capitalist Modernity III conference in Hamburg, Germany, where Cora was invited to present a paper about collective ecological agriculture in Rojava, now the Democratic Federation of North Syria. In this interview, she discusses the political and social potential of growing our own food. Cora’s expertise ranges from urban permaculture initiatives and refugee gardening projects to critical perspectives on modern capitalist agriculture. A student of Murray Bookchin and a self-described member of the Green Left, Cora shares with us her views on Democratic Confederalism in Rojava, organic farming and labelling, protecting the environment, GMOs, and offers her vision of resisting capitalist modernity through building self-sufficient communities around local, non-exploitative agriculture. Her passionate, critical approach can help us challenge the destructive practices of modern agribusiness. Listen with us, get inspired, and, of course, stay critical and organize!

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