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Dear listeners and viewers,

It has come to this. The Propaganda Podcast by the Moral Economy now has 25 — count ’em — 25 episodes across three seasons, as well as a number of Exclusive Propaganda interviews!

Naturally, we want to expand our horizons. So far the weekly podcast has only been updated intermittently, and we’re the same group each time. We’d like to change that!

On the table are three steps to expansion:

  1. Produce weekly podcasts
  2. Rent a studio
  3. Create new groups

1. Produce Weekly Podcasts

Ideally, we’d like to put out new Propaganda once a week. Unfortunately that is not always possible. Each podcast takes at least a day to prepare, as well as another day to cut, edit, and share. That’s quite a lot of time to take out of our busy schedules. Each of us is either already employed, finishing a PhD, or politically active. Of course we would love to combine all three of those things into one: Create a weekly podcast that combines our knowledge, experience, and will to change the world!

2. Rent a Studio

The studio will not only be a place for us to meet and produce podcasts. We will make it a place for organizing and activism. With a studio we will have a place to print our street magazine Rabbl, as well as put other projects and websites such as You Move and International Women’s Everyday into motion!

3. Create New Groups

Propaganda has four core members, and we work well on a democratic basis. Our hope is to done day export our model, so that other groups can make their own podcasts and other projects, such as Rabble, You Move, and IWE named above. Your support will go a long way to help us set up new groups, to decentralize the process of disseminating propaganda!


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