Democratic Marketplaces

The Proposal The problem: One of the underlying causes of inequality around the world is the absence or severe lack of consumer decision-making power in the production and distribution of goods and services. This means individuals and communities are subject… Continue Reading

Sanctuaries of Hope: Asylum in Our Own Countries and Abroad

The Proposal The problem: There are people want to change their lives, but are unable to do so. Whether due to cultural and familial pressures, lack of familial support, lack of money, absence of opportunities, former criminal records, addiction, disease,… Continue Reading

Introduction // Altruistic Symmetrism: Thoughts about the Ethics of Socio-Economics

In a grove in a forest in the middle of nowhere two near-starving humanoid beings stumble upon a meal for one. How shall they decide who gets how much? Let us assume for the sake of simplicity that these humanoids… Continue Reading