CIA: “Refuting Dave Rubin and Debunking the so-called ‘Regressive Left'” Propaganda s03e05 Part 2

Download Audio // Part 1 / Part 2 Current Issue Analysis (CIA) Refuting Dave Rubin and Debunking the so-called “Regressive Left” #rubinreport #regressiveleft #defendingtheleft Today I want to talk about the so-called “regressive left”. I want to look at where… Continue Reading

Network for an Alternative Question – “Challenging Capitalist Modernity II: Dissecting Capitalist Modernity–Building Democratic Confederalism” It is unfortunately too late for this conference, but as the organisers will surely have other conferences in the future, we post this invitation here. “INVITATION TO OUR 2015 CONFERENCE Dear friends, you may have heard of or participated… Continue Reading